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You cannot think of these 10 recipes without Garam Masala

Out of all the Indian spices, Garam Masala is the most pungent spice that has a unique aroma. It plays an exceptional role in delivering a phenomenal symphony of flavours to the food. It also has immense health benefits and boosts metabolism. Listed below are some of the famous Garam Masala recipes.

Lip-smacking Vegetarian Dishes

Matar Paneer

Being one of the most popular Paneer dishes, this North Indian recipe is delicious as well as flavoursome owing to the presence of Garam Masala and is often served with a plate of plain rice or naan.

Bombay Potatoes

Covered in bold spices, it will be the highlight of the meal of potato lovers. This famous Garam Masala recipe serves both as an appetizer and a main course dish.

Bhindi Masala

A healthy North Indian dish, full of flavours, goes well with chapatis or rice and makes up for a simple meal at home. It’s almost an everyday meal for most of the Indians. The tinge of Garam Masala in it balances out the sweetness of the bhindi.

Indian Mixed Dahl

A complementary dish in almost every meal, Indian mixed dahl is a perfect blend of spice and sweetness. Garam masala gets a kick from turmeric, chilli powder and mustard.

Cauliflower Masala

This simple cauliflower recipe is a scrumptious and healthy accompaniment to roti, rice or even paratha. The essence of cashews and almonds along with Garam Masala makes the gravy all the way more tempting.

Curried Chickpeas

Originating in Punjab, this sweet and savoury chickpea curry is fragnantly spicy and is perfect for a meatless tuesday. As long as you have a jar of curry powder and Garam Masala, you can make this incredible dish by following simple steps.

Scrumptious Non-Vegetarian Dishes

Makhani Butter Chicken

This authentic Indian dish can excite your taste bud with its rich and creamy texture. Mostly paired with butter naan, it’s one the favourite dishes of the Indians. The presence of Garam Masala adds a peppery taste to the dish, alarming your taste buds to have more.


Minced meat popularly known as keema is a famous Indian dish having a perfect blend of spices where Garam Masala plays the key role.

Garam Masala Fried Fish

Fish is one of the most relished sea foods in Indian homes. Especially in Bengali cuisines, fish secures the highest spot, leaving every other food item behind. This particular recipe serves as a great appetizer and also as a side meal. The coating of Garam Masala on both sides turns it out to be way more relishing.

Galouti Kebab

Served with green chutney, the famous Galouti Kebab is a common find in the menu cards of renowned Kebab restaurants. It’s easy to prepare this luscious dish to serve at your own dinner table. Just be sure that you have a jar of Garam Masala waiting at your kitchen shelves.

Last words to add on

These 10 famous Garam Masala recipes would comprehensively allure you to reserve an exceptional place for Garam Masala in your kitchen shelves, as a key ingredient to most of your dishes. So what are you waiting for? Commence the preparation of any of the dishes for dinner tonight and your family’s gonna love it!

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